Asha participation in sustainability and education around it

Objective: create learning opportunities and promote learning in new-age opportunities of digital technology used in community-related problems identified as priorities in UN sustainable development goals. These include urban solid waste management.
Methodology: Using the Free and Open Source tools and using data in public domain, children learn to

a>make maps,
b>capture data online, c>build database,
d>upload on website, e>visualise the same,
f>interact with the community,
g>collaborate with municipal authorities,
h>use real time data from the websites to communicate with the members of community,
I>nudge the community to move v towards ‘zero waste’.
Similarly students are learning to use the sites (e.g. for different community problems and enable students to develop hyper-local solutions

Example : Based on precision mapping of waste generation of dry, wet waste, it’s segregation etc., is being created by communitygis team in IIT. This team informally supports learnings at Asha centre. This project, as yet an informal one,, is evolving in collaboration between IITB and the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai ( MCGM) ( see and ). As an incubation support, in return for support for learning at Asha , we as Asha have supported, the software development.

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