Nutrition Teaching

Given the crisis in nutrition, particularly aggravated by lack of mid-day meals during covid, it was considered appropriate to introduce a nutrition course. Even the Government has identified Poshan Abhiyan 2 as a priority project. Experts from the nutrition department of Nirmala Niketan were requested to conduct courses for developing livelihoods based on nutrition.

The food and nutrition project helped the participants to learn about healthy food choices which would lead to enhanced energy level and alertness, and also reduce disease. The participants gained knowledge about the nutrients, recipes, actual cooking of such food and ensure taste. 

A website ( was used to register students, give course content, give assignments, evaluated online over multiple sessions of a month or more. Learners were exposed to the use of web technology in improving the quality of learning ( interactivity, use of a database of recipes, computing diet diversity etc ) and propagating diet diversity on a bigger scale. Learning centred around nutrition affordability, diet diversity, menu planning, buying of raw inputs using which food could be prepared, maintaining all the safety norms, careers, and cultural diversity. 

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