Asha Mumbai


Asha Mumbai is a non-profit socio-educational organization that is committed to provide educational opportunities  to underprivileged children. It is a voluntary organization, comprising dedicated individuals from community striving to make a difference in the society. We believe that education is one of the most important factors in shaping a child’s future and by extension, future of the entire country.

Asha Mumbai has a center for underprivileged children in Powai, Mumbai. Children from the nearby slums around IIT Bombay are the main beneficiaries of this programme. Asha tries to provide varied learning experiences to children. Asha is also committed to support children deprived of education due to monetary problems at home. Volunteers of Asha work with full dedication and commitment. At Asha Mumbai we have almost 250 students deserving the support. From class 1st to 12th, Students are engaged with well-designed and structured teaching program and conductive environment.


Computer lab is one the most important facilities available for Asha students. Students are trained in the basic as well as advanced skills in computers. These classes run parallel to the regular academic as well as extracurricular activities that the children get to learn at Asha.

This course enables children to actually work with various programs of the computer. We have almost 20 computers in the lab and every class gets at least two sessions with the computers every week.  


Asha has started a new training programme called ‘Livelihood project’. This project involves empowerment of people by training them in various skills. Tailoring, parlour training, nursing and electrician are some of the training programmes. 

These programmes are designed with an eye on employability. 

Presently tailoring and electrician training programmes are on. Twenty  students are getting benefited by  tailoring Course. One batch comprises of only ten students. 

Tailoring also involves developing women to respond to social needs such as replacing plastic bags with cloth bags, making reusable cloth sanitary napkins. These napkins are not only inexpensive but they are safe and environment-friendly. We are committed to empower women by making a difference in their lives as they will be economically independent.